Updating Typerocket core and assets is now very easy, with the introduction of composer and npm. When updating core update the assets as well.


The composer.json file is used to manage the version of TypeRocket you have installed. Take a look at the initial setup. Under the require section locate typerocket/core. There you will see that when you run composer update you will receive any patch updates because you are requesting 4.0.*.

"require": {
    "php": ">=7",
    "typerocket/core": "4.0.*"


In some cases, there may be updates to the TypeRocket assets. Assets include JavaScript, fonts, CSS, and images. To manage the updates to these files use NPM.

To update the assets you will need to recompile the core JS and CSS files. To recompile install the NPM modules and run the NPM prod command.

From the main typerocket folder run:

npm install
npm run prod