Release Notes

About Release

TypeRocket 4.0 is a complete rethinking of how you work with and build themes. We have considered the new PHP version landscape, component/modular based designs and so much more.

What is new in TypeRocket 4.0?

  • New builder Typerocket plugin: Design component based pages without the hassle.
  • New Fields: New links, toggle, and location fields.
  • Improved stability: With the upgrade to PHP 5.5.9 and WordPress 4.5.
  • Improved structure: Configuring TypeRocket is even easier now.
  • Migrations: We now have migrations.
  • New Routing: Routing is now more powerful and streamlined.
  • Gutenberg: Optimized for Gutenberg... or turn Gutenberg using TypeRocket.
  • Webpack: We moved from Gulp to Webpack.
  • Bug fixes: Many little fixes.
  • And a lot more!