Front-end Mode

Enable Front-end Mode

To enable front-end mode set the frontend.assets value to true in config/typerocket.php; it is false by default. This will add the TypeRocket required JavaScript and CSS to the front end of your theme.

| Frontend
| Determine frontend settings
'frontend' => [
    'assets' => true,

You can now use TypeRocket on the front-end of your site.

Front-end Forms

You can use a form on the front-end of your site and have it submit to a custom route. To do this you need to create a Form and assign it to a URL.

For example, if you have the following route in your routes.php file.

tr_route()->put()->match('/seats/(*.)/', '[email protected]')

Then, in your template or view file wrap the following code in an element with the class .typerocket-container.

// A form is best created in a controller
// and passed to a view.
$id = 1;
$form = tr_form('seat', $id);
$form->useURL( 'update', '/seats/'.$id.'/' );

// Print to the view
echo $form->open();
echo $form->text('Number');
echo $form->text('Price');
echo $form->submit('Update Seat');
echo $form->close();