Middleware allows you to take an action before or after the Response and Request are send to the resources Controller.

TypeRocket middleware works in a similar way to Laravel middleware.

You can define what middleware stack is used by resource using the Kernel.

Locating middleware

You should locate your middleware classes in typerocket/app/Http/Middleware folder and use the namespace App\Http\Middleware.

Creating Middleware

When you create you own middleware any code you add before $this->next->handle() take place before the controller and any code after gets called after the controller.

Run the galaxy command make:middleware to create your first one.

php galaxy make:middleware Example

Will create,

namespace App\Http\Middleware;

use \TypeRocket\Http\Middleware\Middleware;

class Example extends Middleware

    public function handle()
        $request = $this->request;
        $response = $this->response;

        // Do stuff before controller is called


        // Do stuff after controller is called

Note: The Galaxy command-line tool is not available if you are using the official TypeRocket Framework 4 WordPRess plugin.