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Need more from WordPress?

Why is WordPress missing the tools modern developers have wanted for over five years?

  • Are you tired of verbose PHP syntax?
  • Wishing and waiting for MVC?
  • Not able to deliver a user experience you love?
  • WordPress crawling along slowly and bloated from plugins?
  • Projects taking longer than expected to complete?
  • Scaling and deployment becoming too complex?
  • Encountering security issues because of multiple plugins?
  • Need more control for complex features?

Get more power. Get more control.

TypeRocker Pro provides the tools modern developers and agencies need to get demanding work done more efficiently and with less hassle.

Saves You Time

Spend your time crafting amazing features and functionality.

Built for SEO

Get your websites found on Google without using complex WordPress plugins.

Less Hassle

The power you want in a single system reducing the number of plugins to get the job done.

Fast Page Speed

Optimized for extreme performance at all levels. From code execution to enduser experience.

Developer Experience

Enjoy fluid syntax, robust debugging tools, and modern design patterns.

Elegant Design

With a unified design library each element of your project feels cohesive and stunning.

Be More Profitable

Cut costs costs by needing fewer plugins and saving time.

More Powerful

Powerful from the start. Writes code more efficiently with robust APIs so you can do more of what you love.

Do it all

By elegantly packaging in one place all the modern tools you need to achieve more, TypeRocket Pro saves you hours of time so you can do more of what you love. TypeRocket Pro offers powerful features and an aesthetic continuity that numerous paid and free plugins cannot deliver for user experience, custom fields, MVC, CLI, theme options, SEO, post types, and more.

Debugging Tools

Get access to modern debugging tools: Whoops PHP, query monitoring, composer, migration overview, roles & capability overview, WP rewrite rule overview, quick permalink flushing, and more.

Custom Fields Anywhere

Customize your design using theme options with custom fields you control. Add custom fields to: post types, taxonomies, dashboards, admin pages, the front-end, widgets, and more.

Page Builder

A page builder field that makes building unique websites easy. Gutenberg is customizable but the Pro page builder gives you total control from the admin to the front-end.

Custom Post Types UI

Add custom post types and taxonomies using the Pro UI or TypeRocket's elegant code syntax. Plus, you can do more than register your post types: add admin table columns, enable Gutenberg, and more.

SEO Meta Box & Tools

Google optimized and search engine ready without the bloat of big plugins. TypeRocket Pro comes with a simple and clean SEO meta box for your post types so you ditch the unneeded features that other plugins have.

Modern features for modern developers.

Policies & Roles

Add dynamic access control going far beyond what WordPress capabilities offer.


Download and install TypeRocket using composer.

Custom Fields

Choose from 27+ custom fields or create your own using a fluent API.


Work with models and the database like never before with a fully integrated WordPress ORM.

Powerful CLI

Create migrations, models, controllers, middleware, and more using the Galaxy CLI.


Use custom views wherever you want - on the back-end or the front-end.

Routes & Middleware

Create custom routes without the fuss of WordPress rewrite rules.


MVC for WordPress that was made for WordPress developers.

A Developer Dreamland

Just a glimpse of APIs for professional developers.

Conditional Fields

Hide and show elements based on field values.

$form->toggle('Company Open')->setText('Company open for business'),

Upgrade Your Templates

MVC comes to WordPress templates.

 * Example WordPress Template MVC
 * @var WP_Post[] $posts
tr_template_controller(function() use ($posts) {
    $title = 'Pro';

    return tr_view('master', compact('posts', 'title'));


By-pass ugly template hacking. MVC and custom routing are the way of the future.

tr_route()->get()->on('/profile/*', '[email protected]');

To your controller...

class MemberController extends Controller
    public function profile(Member $member) {
        return "Hi Member {$member->name}!";

Post Types & Taxonomies

Supercharge your post types.

    ->setTitlePlaceholder( 'Enter full name here' )
    ->setTitleForm( function() {
        $form = tr_form();
        echo $form->image('Photo');
        echo $form->text('Company');
        echo $form->editor('About Person');

Develop in WordPress the modern way.

Save hours of development time when you use TypeRocket Pro.



billed yearly until cancelled

  • 1 website license
  • Upgrade anytime
  • All core features
  • All core extensions
  • Plugin access
  • 1 user in Slack
  • Slack support*

Great for the freelancer who wants to save hours of time and work with a premium, modern framework.

Buy Single



billed yearly until cancelled

  • 7 website licenses
  • Upgrade anytime
  • All core features
  • All core extensions
  • Plugin access
  • Composer access
  • 2 users in Slack
  • Email & Slack support*

Best for the development professional who likes to develop and manage more than one client website experience.

Buy Plus



billed yearly until cancelled

  • Unlimited website licenses
  • All core features
  • All core extensions
  • Plugin access
  • Composer access
  • 2 users in Slack
  • Email & Slack support*

Ideal for the agency that wants to save their team many hours of development, make their agency more efficient and profitable and make their clients' admin experiences excellent.

Buy Max


You have questions? We have answers.

Can I upgrade my license later?

Yes. You can upgrade your license at any time. Feel free to buy a single site license and upgrade to Plus or Max when you are ready. We will apply the purchase price of the previous license level to your new upgraded license level.

Is TypeRocket Pro backwards compatible with TypeRocket open V4?

No. However, you can upgrade your project from TypeRocket Open v4 to Pro but it will take some work.

PHP & system requirements?

  • PHP >= 7
  • WordPress >= 5.3
  • PDO PHP Extension
  • Mbstring PHP Extension
  • Friendly URLs

How does support work?

All product tiers come with limited support. TypeRocket does not provide direct phone support. No representations or guarantees are made regarding the response time in which e-mail support questions are answered, but we will do our best to respond quickly. Technical support is limited to bug reports and feature requests. No support will be provided to diagnose or advise application-level code issues.

Is Gutenberg supported?

TypeRocket Pro has full support for Gutenberg within its post type API. Further, the design and interface of TypeRocket Pro are enhanced to feel cohesive with the new Gutenberg design patterns.

TypeRocket Pro makes it easy to disable Gutenburg without needing the "Classic Editor" plugin.

TypeRocket does not have a javascript API for Gutenberg custom block fields at this time; but you can still use meta boxes to add custom fields to any Gutenberg enabled post type.

How can I use TypeRocket Pro?

You can use TypeRocket Pro on any website you control or own as long as you have a valid license to do so. This can be a personal or commercial website. You can read more on the "Terms and Conditions" page and on the licensing and using TypeRocket page.

Does TypeRocket Pro have advanced custom field features?

Not only does TypeRocket Pro come with over 27+ field types including repeater fields, Google maps address fields, builder fields, swatch fields, and more. TypeRocket Pro also includes:

  • Conditional fields
  • Duplication/cloning for its repeater, builder, and matrix fields.
  • Keyboard accessibility for all field types.
  • Fieldsets, tabbing, and rows with columns.
  • ...and more!