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1 website


Includes all PRO features + unlimited updates per year for 1 website.


10 websites


Includes all PRO features + unlimited updates per year for 10 websites.

All TypeRocket Pro licenses come with composer access and access to the Discord server Pro role.  If you need more than 10 licenses visit our TypeRocket Pro for WordPress Agencies pricing.

Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions. We have answers.

What is "Composer access"?

Composer is "A Dependency Manager for PHP". You can install the free and Pro version of TypeRocket as a plugin or use composer.

Can I use TypeRocket Pro on my local and development sites?

Yes. A license is only is only needed for your live site(s). You can use TypeRocket Pro on as many local and development sites as you need without a license (TypeRocket Pro will function without an active license).

Can I upgrade my license later?

Yes. You can upgrade your license at any time. Feel free to buy a single site license and upgrade to Plus or Max when you are ready. We will apply the purchase price of the previous license level to your new upgraded license level.

Is TypeRocket Pro backwards compatible with TypeRocket Open?

Yes. Open is free forever and you don't need to upgrade unless you need Pro features.

PHP & system requirements?

  • PHP >= 8.0.2
  • WordPress >= 6.1

How does support work?

All product tiers come with limited support. TypeRocket does not provide direct phone support. No representations or guarantees are made regarding the response time in which e-mail support questions are answered, but we will do our best to respond quickly. Technical support is limited to bug reports and feature requests. No support will be provided to diagnose or advise application-level code issues.

You can read more in our Terms and Conditions.

Is Gutenberg supported?

Yes. TypeRocket Pro has full support for Gutenberg within its post type API. Further, the design and interface of TypeRocket Pro are enhanced to feel cohesive with the new Gutenberg design patterns.

TypeRocket Pro makes it easy to disable Gutenberg without needing the "Classic Editor" plugin.

TypeRocket does not have a javascript API for Gutenberg custom block fields at this time; but you can still use meta boxes to add custom fields to any Gutenberg enabled post type.

How can I use TypeRocket Pro?

You can use TypeRocket Pro on any website you control or own as long as you have a valid license to do so. This can be a personal or commercial website. You can read more on the "Terms and Conditions" page and on the licensing and using TypeRocket page.

Does TypeRocket Pro have advanced custom field features?

Not only does TypeRocket Pro come with over 29+ field types including repeater fields, Google maps address fields, builder fields, swatch fields, and more. TypeRocket Pro also includes:

  • Conditional fields
  • Duplication/cloning for its repeater, builder, and matrix fields.
  • Keyboard accessibility for all field types.
  • Fieldsets, tabbing, and rows with columns.
  • ...and more!

Is there a FREE version of TypeRocket?

YES. It is called Open and you can download it here. Compare it with TypeRocket Pro.