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How to Use and Install TypeRocket

If you are making a plugin or theme that is intended for distribution on sites you do not own or control, you should not install TypeRocket Pro (or v4) directly into the plugin or theme. Instead, you should require a site that already has TypeRocket Pro installed separately using a valid license. It is highly recommended that you install TypeRocket separately from your plugin or theme.

Note: Building your plugin or theme with TypeRocket Pro directly installed is not supported by TypeRocket Pro licensing and support unless you own or control the site and have a valid license.

Both TypeRocket Pro and v4 should not be installed directly into your plugin or theme because doing so can break your site(s) through the high possibility of PHP code collisions (namespacing, prefixing, versioning, and more). Code collision is a big reason TypeRocket Pro does not offer OEM licensing and support for theme or plugin distribution.

You can read more about code collisions in the official WordPress best practices guide. When making a sold or free plugin, you should avoid code collisions at all costs. Therefore, have your plugin or theme require TypeRocket to be installed separately instead of baking into yours.

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