Compare Versions. Go Pro.

TypeRocket Pro has an all new codebase and UI design. Compare the key difference between TypeRocket Pro and TypeRocket Open.

description Pro v1 Open v4
ALL NEW UI Design yes no
ALL NEW Codebase yes no
Admin Color Schemes yes no
Support yes no
Basic SEO yes yes
Advanced SEO yes no
Standard Forms yes yes
Advanced Forms yes no
Standard Fields yes yes
Select Field Search yes no
Swatch Field yes no
Background Field yes no
Conditional Fields yes no
Repeater Field Cloning yes no
Matrix & Builder Field Cloning yes no
Inline Field Validation yes no
Menu Fields yes no
Keyboard Accessibility yes no
Theme Options yes yes
Post Type UI yes no
Page Builder yes yes
SQL Query Monitor yes no
Table Bulk Actions yes no
Partial Localization no yes
Full Localization yes no
Backend MVC yes yes
Controllers & Routes yes yes
Advanced Controllers & Routes yes no
Twig Support yes yes
Standard Templating yes yes
Advanced Templating yes no
MVC Templates yes no
Auto Config yes no
Services yes no
Advanced CLI yes no
Auth Policies yes no
Advanced Middleware yes no
Standard Middleware yes yes
HTTP Client yes yes