Release Notes

About Release

TypeRocket 3.0 is a complete rethinking of how you work with and build themes. We have considered the new PHP version landscape, component/modular based designs and so much more.

What is new in TypeRocket 3.0?

  • Core Unit Tests: We have begun the process of unit testing!
  • New builder Typerocket plugin: Design component based pages without the hassle.
  • Search field: Search taxonomies and any post type with this field.
  • Improved stability: With the upgrade to PHP 5.5.9 and WordPress 4.5.
  • Improved structure: Configuring TypeRocket is even easier now.
  • Enhanced fields: Every field has been analyzed and improved with new method for common tasks like setting help text.
  • Taxonomy fields: Now add fields to taxonomies without making your own API.
  • EOL for field bracket syntax: Moved to dot notation for fields.
  • Format property for Models: Sanitize data before it is saved with extreme ease. Wildcards too!
  • Improved Autoloading: Making your own controllers, models, middleware, kernel and fields no longer requires the TypeRocket namespace.
  • Color field improved: Added color palettes.
  • Kernel and Middleware: Now use any namespace for middleware you like.
  • Refactored assets: We now use coffee script and SASS by taking advantage of gulp.
  • Front-end Mode: Added the ability to more easily enable TypeRocket on the front-end.
  • Pages: New pages API to make building custom views in the admin simple.
  • Admin Page Views: Create views for your custom admin pages.
  • Theme Views: Create views for your custom theme views.
  • Custom Routes: Create routes for the front-end and map them to your controllers.
  • Schema Model: Create custom tables and access them using the new schema model system.
  • Custom Middleware Routing: Use middleware based on what action is called. You longer need to apply middleware to every action a controller takes.
  • Tables: New layout option for tables. Create for custom admin pages that use the new schema models.
  • Auto Controller Dependency Injection: Controllers automatically inject dependencies.
  • Validation: Added custom resource validation class.
  • New Icons: You now have new icons to choose from.
  • Custom Icons: You can now extend icons for post types and pages for a totally custom admin.
  • Composer: We now use composer.
  • CLI Added: We now have a CLI called galaxy.
  • Use as Root: You can now use TypeRocket as the root of your project over WordPress.
  • Theme Overriding: You can override WordPress themes and hide your template files from the public.
  • Tables: You can now have custom admin tables with search and more.
  • Bug fixes: Many little fixes.
  • And a lot more!