Custom Fields

Make a Custom Field

To make a custom field make the directory app/Fields. This is where you will place all of your custom fields. Here is a custom field named Number.

namespace App\Fields;

use TypeRocket\Elements\Fields\Field;
use TypeRocket\Html\Generator;

class Number extends Field
    protected function init() {
        $this->setType( 'number' );

    public function getString() {
        $generator = new Generator();
        $name = $this->getNameAttributeString();
        $value = (int) $this->getValue();
        $attr = $this->getAttributes();

        $input = $generator->newInput('number', $name, $value, $attr );
        return $input->getString();

Applying Custom Fields to Forms

Then to use the new field with a Form object pass it into the constructor of a new instantiated field. You can pass the Form object anywhere in the constructor you like - typically as the last parameter regardless of the number of other arguments you use. TypeRocket knows exactly how to sync the form to the field no matter where it is placed in the constructor.

$form = tr_form();
$age = new \App\Fields\Number('Age', $form);
echo $age; // Outputs field