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What Does TypeRocket Do?

TypeRocket makes coding WordPress sites a breeze without sacrificing developer experience. It gives developers the modern tools they need to create sites. Here is a glance at some of the things TypeRocket can do to help you save hours and days of WordPress development time:

  • First, it provides the MVC architecture pattern.
  • It provides UI components for WordPress administration page development.
  • It provides a massive list of modern PHP classes for logging, emailing, storing files, data caching, page caching, migrations, and many more. You can see everything in the TypeRocket documentation.
  • It makes adding custom fields, post types, taxonomies, meta boxes and less painful.
  • The list goes on.

TypeRocket is the complete WordPress develoeprs toolkit. Best of all, with the Open version, developers can get started with TypeRocket for FREE. However, we recommend using the Pro version if you are a pro developer. You can see a complete comparison of TypeRocket Pro vs. Open.

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