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New Release

TypeRocket v5.1.9 Has Launched


TypeRocket v5.1.9 has launched. This update is more significant than previous patches. The update includes the following changes:

  • BREAKING - Signature changes! Add the ability to set the local_id on model relationships. Affected classes: Model and EagerLoader.
  • Upgrade action scheduler to 3.5.
  • Add TEMPLATE_TYPE to builder and matrix fields.
  • Add Arr::filterNull() method.
  • Add Data::createMapIndexBy() method.
  • Add Response method needsBasicAuthentication().
  • Add Str::explodeFromRight().
  • Add Request method getPassword() and getUsername().
  • Improve extension and TypeRocket settings forms and templates.
  • Improve custom route redirect SEO with 301 redirects by replacing 302 redirects.
  • Account for Rank Math SEO's super global $user_id injection bug.
  • Fix fopen() bug in File class.

Signature Changes

The following model methods have new signatures; these changes will only impact you if you override the core methods with your own PHP code.

\TypeRocket\Models\Model::hasOne($modelClass, $id_foreign = null, $id_local = null, $scope = null);
\TypeRocket\Models\Model::belongsTo($modelClass, $id_local = null, $id_foreign = null, $scope = null);
\TypeRocket\Models\Model::hasMany($modelClass, $id_foreign = null, $id_local = null, $scope = null);
\TypeRocket\Models\Model::belongsToMany($modelClass, $junction_table, $id_column = null, $id_foreign = null, $scope = null, $reselect = true, $id_local = null);

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