Get More. Do More.

You can do more with less frustration when everything you need is in one place. See how TypeRocket Pro stacks up against these plugins.

description TypeRocket ACF CPTUI Sage
Standard Custom Fields yes yes no no
Gallery Field yes yes no no
Repeater Field yes yes no no
Relationship Field yes yes no no
Fluid Field yes yes no no
Location Field yes yes no no
Background Field yes no no no
Swatch Field yes no no no
Builder Field yes no no no
Post Type UI yes no yes no
Fields UI no yes no no
Gutenberg Blocks no yes no no
Front-end Fields yes yes no no
Field Cloning yes yes no no
Field Validation yes yes no no
Conditional Fields yes yes no no
Reg Taxonomies yes no yes no
Reg Post Types yes no yes no
Advanced Post Types yes no no no
Reg Admin Pages yes no no no
Reg Meta Boxes yes yes no no
QueryBuilder yes no no no
SEO Meta yes no no no
Webpack yes no no yes
Composer yes no no yes
CLI yes no no yes
Root Install yes no no yes
Templating yes no no yes
DI Container yes no no no
Cookie Engine yes no no no
Query Monitor yes no no no
Redirect Engine yes no no no
MVC Validation yes no no no
HTTP Client yes no no no
Table UI yes no no no
Tabs UI yes yes no no
Theme Options yes no no no
Page Builder yes no no no
Pretty Error Pages yes no no no
Middleware yes no no no
Policies yes no no no
Routes yes no no no
ORM yes no no no
Controllers yes no no no
Mailers yes no no no
Storage yes no no no
Loggers yes no no no
Advanced Cache yes no no no

Increase Your Page Speed.

TypeRocket gives you SEO meta, custom post types, custom fields, query monitoring, and more without sacrificing speed.

Plugin load speed




7x faster

TypeRocket Pro

7x faster

SQL Query Monitoring

Fine tune your site’s performance using the dev tools extension with SQL query monitoring and performance metrics.

SEO Meta

With the SEO extension you can add the HTML meta tags you need to boost your search ranks without the bloat of other plugins.

Page Builder

With the page builder extension and the builder field you can create designs under your full control.

Theme Options

Add theme options to your site using the Theme Options extension.

Composer *

Download and install TypeRocket using composer for plus and max accounts.

MVC Anywhere

MVC for WordPress that can be used any way you want. Make JSON and REST APIs. Make anything.

MVC for Themes

Add MVC to your theme's template files with a powerful templating engine that allows you to DRY up your code.

MVC Backends

Create MVC powered backends. Wire it into your next headless project or power your front-end with it using views.

Routes & Middleware

Create custom routes without the fuss of WordPress rewrite rules.


TypeRocket gives you a powerful and modern REST API that stands on its own and you fully control.


Use custom views wherever you want - on the back-end or the front-end.

Twig Ready

Want to use Twig over the TypeRocket templating engine? Not a problem.


Work with models and the database like never before with a fully integrated WordPress ORM.

Eager Loading

Our ORM comes with eager loading that is design specifically for WordPress. Not another platform or framework.


Command line powered migrations that give you the ability to run modern deployments.

Policies & Roles

Add dynamic access control going far beyond what WordPress capabilities offer.

Post Type & Taxonomy UI

Create post types, taxonomies, and meta boxes using a powerful UI tool.

Post Types API

Create powerful and fully features post types extremely using PHP fast. Disable Gutenberg. Remove the slug prefix. Do more.

Taxonomies API

Create taxonomies with powerful and advanced features in PHP. Add custom fields and more.

Meta Boxes

Create meta boxes in PHP fast. Add custom fields with ease. Place them anywhere.

27+ Custom Fields

Build your sites using extremely advanced custom fields. Put them in user profiles, post types, taxonomies, menu items, option pages, meta boxes, front-end, anywhere.

Conditional Fields

Control what fields and sections are displayed using conditional fields.

Powerful Form Builder

Create HTML forms that automatically populate field values based on your data resource from third party APIs or your own models.

Simple CURL Client

Make simple curl requests to third party APIs using elegant syntax.


Gain access to full integrated extensions: Dev tools, page builder, theme options, SEO meta boxes, and more.

Powerful CLI

Create migrations, models, controllers, middleware, and more using the Galaxy CLI.

Whoops PHP

Get insight into errors like never before. Whoop PHP comes baked into TypeRocket.

Error Templates

WordPress only lets you have 404 error templates. TypeRocket gives you 500, 401, 403, or any other template you want!

UI Library

Create elegant user experiences using a unified library of elements. Tabbed layout, tables, fieldsets, icons, and more.

Admin Pages

Create WP admin pages using elegant syntax and powerful features.


TypeRocket was build for speed by giving you the tools you need. Full integrated object caching. Optimized code.

Image Query Optimization

Quickly query a huge number of images in the WordPress database without running down database performance.

Cookies & Transients

Easily control cookies and WordPress transients.


Helpers for: file access, HTTP requests & responses, caching, URL & string manipulation, buffering, and more.

Automatic Updates

Add automatic updates just as if you were using to host your theme or plugin.


Root your project and hide your files from public view for increased security.


Validate user input using a powerful HTTP validator. Mark emails fields as required and more.


Added sanitization tools to keep your site secure.


Add redirects to your controllers without the hassle.

Container & Services

Gain access to a IOC Container that is connected to your services. This makes working with third part APIs a breeze.