Flushing Permalinks in WordPress

To flush WordPress rewrite rules or permalinks (usually needs to be done manually for new custom post types) from the Dashboard:

  • Step 1: In the main menu find "Settings > Permalinks".
  • Step 2: Scroll down if needed and click "Save Changes".
  • Step 3: Rewrite rules and permalinks are flushed.

Screenshot: Flushing the WordPress permalinks

Flushing rewrite rules in PHP

To flush the permalinks or rewrite rules from your theme or plugin you need to use the flush_rewrite_rules() function.

<?php flush_rewrite_rules(); ?>

If you are not familiar with PHP or writing custom code its best to use the dashboard, this is because you should only flush rules on activation or deactivation of a plugin or theme.

If you flush the rules with any other hooks, you can run into issues since you do not need or want to flush the rules that often.

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