TypeRocket Plugins

TypeRocket comes with its own plugin system so you can modularize your theme development within TypeRocket itself. TypeRocket comes with three plugins: seo, devand theme-options.


The SEO plugin added a matebox to every public post type with fields to add some basic SEO.


The DEV plugin added a custom page to the WordPress admin to aid in development.

Theme Options

The "Theme Options" plugin adds custom theme options to your WordPress theme.


"Theme Options" has a hook to let you edit the template file it uses; tr_theme_options_page.

For example, you can create a template file named theme-options.php in the current themes folder and use it instead.

add_filter('tr_theme_options_page', function() {
    return get_template_directory() . '/theme-options.php';

Note: The default template is the admin.php file that comes with the plugin.

You can also use the action hook tr_theme_options_page. This hook lets you run code before the theme options page outputs any HTML.

add_action('tr_theme_options_page', function($options) {
    // your code here

You can also change the group that the theme options are saved to with the filter tr_theme_options_name. You should always change the name to reduce the chances of theme conflicts.

add_filter('tr_theme_options_name', function($group) {
    return 'my_theme_options';

Making Custom Plugins

  1. First, locate the plugins directory in TypeRocket. If you moved the location for plugins use that directory instead.
  2. Second, create a new folder inside the plugins folder. A good plugin directory name is your-custom-plugin not your_plugin_name.
  3. Third, add a file named init.php inside your new plugin directory. This is the file that will contain your PHP code.
  4. In the config.php file add the directory name to TR_PLUGINS separating it with pipe |.
define('TR_PLUGINS', 'your-custom-plugin|seo|dev|theme-options');

Just replace your-plugin-name with the name of the directory you created.

Note: "your-custom-plugin" is just an example of what you might name the directory.