Before you can use TypeRocket you need to create a config.php file in TypeRocket folder you installed. You can duplicate the config.sample.php file and rename it to config.php.

TypeRocket Folder

If you are including TypeRocket in a folder named something other than typerocket (in your themes directory) open the config.php file and change the TR_FOLDER to the name you have chosen.

For example if you move the typerocket folder into a folder named inc:

define('TR_FOLDER', 'inc/typerocket');

Or, you rename the typerocket folder to inc:

define('TR_FOLDER', 'inc');

TypeRocket Plugins

By default TypeRocket loads three plugins from the plugins folder: seo, dev and theme-options.

define('TR_PLUGINS', 'seo|dev|theme-options');

Each plugin name coincides with its folder name and is separated by a pipe |. Look under the plugins folder to see all the plugins available.

Debug mode

In the config.php file set TR_DEBUG to true. Debug mode adds hints to fields and other areas to aid in development.

define('TR_DEBUG', true);

Matrix Folder

When you are using matrix fields TR_MATRIX_FOLDER_PATH specifies where the groups are located.

The default location is under the typerocket folder as matrix.

define('TR_MATRIX_FOLDER_PATH', __DIR__ . '/matrix');

You can set this to your theme if you like.

$theme_dir = get_template_directory();
define('TR_MATRIX_FOLDER_PATH', $theme_dir  . '/matrix');

TypeRocket Plugins Folder

You can also change the plugins directory TR_PLUGINS_FOLDER_PATH and URL TR_PLUGINS_URL.

For example, you can set the plugins inside the theme as well.

$theme_dir = get_template_directory();
define('TR_PLUGINS_FOLDER_PATH', $theme_dir . '/plugins');

$theme_url = get_stylesheet_directory_uri();
define('TR_PLUGINS_URL', $theme_url . '/plugins');

Note: The plugins path and URL need to point to the same folder.

TypeRocket Seed

The seed needs to change to help increase the security of TypeRocket. This is not required but it is highly recommended.

define('TR_SEED', 'asdfa65739as$%!fasdljo3m3!l0');

TypeRocket App

TypeRocket lets you add your own files to the TypeRocket autoloader. Typically controllers and models are added to the /app folder.

define('TR_APP_FOLDER_PATH', __DIR__ . '/app');